How to easily transfer data to a remote PC


have you been wondering how to transfer data to a remote PC on the easy way? You might now that Remote Desktop Connetion is only available if you own a Windows 10 Pro.

If you have Windows 10 Home edition that won’t work and you will be struggling to transfer any data to a remote PC. But I can tell you know that’s so easy to do if you know what you need.

The only thing you need is that both PC’s have installed TeamViewer which is for non commercial use Free. Just start a new TeamViewer session and when you will be connected to the remote PC

select the File Transfer tab:

Once selected you will get an tab from where you can select which data should be transfered to the remote PC:

And that’s it. Job done and it should take only 2-5 minuts to install the app and get it done.

Hopefully this will help you out.