SOLVED: How to change back from GutenBerg editor to the Classic editor


Did you get any trouble when updating WordPress to it’s latest core? We recieved a new editor which is called “Gutenberg”. At first it seemed like a good move from the WordPress team, but I was soon disappointed because my blog wasn’t working as it should. I tried to make a new portfolio item and I just couldn’t saved it. Was strugling to find a the category tab but with no success. At first I was already thinking of changing everything ( theme, plugins, etc..) That would cost me a lot of “time” to rebuild everything so I was thinking of an alternative. Why just I don’t get back the Classic Editor. Searching over the internet was such pain, because I didn’t find any useful articles about it. Then I went searching on the WordPress Plugin database where I finally found my solution. The Classic Editor plugin was there and it saved me hours of fixing and recreating the website.

Just follow those 3 easy steps and you should be back to normal with the Classic Editor!


  1. step = upload the plugin Classic Editor
  2. step = install the plugin
  3. step = active the plugin

And that’s it! Everything should go back to normal 🙂

Hopefully this will help you out!