Would recommend SiteGround Hosting

I’ve been managing the SiteGround account for many months now and I haven’t encountered any major issues yet. My site is loading fast and is always up. One thing worth noting about their service is that they have a built-in caching system called SuperCacher. Users who don’t want to tinker with caching options or plugins could activate SuperCacher with a few clicks and this will give their site a decent speed boost.

Also their support is insane! Twice I’ve had server issues, because some of my scripts. The scripts weren’t working at all and I couldn’t figured it out. So I’ve asked the SG support team and they’ve told me the solution for both errors.

I would really prefer and recommend SiteGround as your hosting provider, because you really get what you pay for!

SiteGround is a definitely a decent host. You can be sure your sites will be up most of the time and their support team is friendly.

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